Gedou Games

2018-03-19: Gedou Night 2 and Negacrystal!

Gedou Night 2Negacrystal

Kaijyuu and I each created a game for Pixel Weekend Jam #2 on Check out Kaijyuu's entry Gedou Night 2 and my Negacrystal!

(As some might surmise, Negacrystal was heavily influenced by the style of a certain 90s anime I've been re-watching lately.)


2018-03-09: Magna Driver!

Magna Driver

Kaijyuu's game Magna Driver is finally available for play! Check it out on


2018-03-03: We're Online!

Today marks the opening of our website. In keeping with our general style and philosophy, it's small, efficient, and doesn't rely on gobs of scripting or bloated webfonts.

If you want to keep up to date on the latest from Gedou Games, keep an eye on this page! We'll continue posting updates on our projects, like Kaijyuu's very-soon-to-be-released Magna Driver demo.